Adventures in Italian Cooking

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On Christmas Day last year, my friend J and her husband M invited us to lunch at their house.

Among the many presents she gave me, one of them was this:

The Complete Italian Cookbook by Tarla Dalal

 As stated in my year-end blogpost, I had attempted to prepare a lasagna a couple of times last year. That in addition to my tendency to whip up some simple pasta dish whenever I felt the mood led her to believe other Italian recipes would interest me too. 

And she was right. Over the next few weeks, I ticked off one recipe after another from the table of contents.

I started off with some bruschettas which turned out pretty good, but I don’t pictures of those so I will present to you instead, Roasted Bell Pepper Crostinis!

Disclaimer: No family members, friends or distant relatives were harmed by the consumption of the following dishes.

Roasted Bell Pepper Crostini

I played safe and stuck to the simple pastas mostly, which included this colourful preparation:

Fusili with Spring Onions, Corn and Red Pepper

By this point, I had gained enough confidence to try out some soups:

Broccoli soup

And then some salads:

Neapolitan Potato Salad

Most of the required ingredients were readily available at the friendly neighbourhood grocery store. For a few imgredients like fresh basil and parsley leaves, I had to pay a visit to Dorabjee’s.

I am pleased to report that I have swept through 22 of the 87 recipes listed in the book. Not bad, but for the rest of the year my progress will run at a glacial speed, due to work reasons.

How about you? How are you doing with your annual goals list?


    1. Sure! Now that I’ve experimented on all my family members, I can confidently invite you without fear of any culinary disasters!


    1. Of course you should drop in. Why only soups and salads? FYI, the soup is served garnished with cheese so its not quite as light as it appears!
      My creative output is in terms of either writing or cooking so the writing is only going!


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