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Sayesha over at the bar often posts weird search terms people used to land up at her site. I paid little attention to my own site stats in this regard, but the other day when I finally got a chance to look through them, here’s what I found: 

Search Views
cricket insect 578
cricket insect pictures 78
gargi 47
suresh taneja ‘we can pull it off’ 9
“bala takes the plunge” 8
gargi award 8
cicada 7
grill insecte 5
delaina mulcahy 4
crickets insects 4
tim gullikson 4
manjiri prabhu 2
half dragon half grasshopper light green insect 2
“high society” “ben elton” 1
lisbeth salander 1
name gargi mins 1
“this makes me look good” man in black 1


Are you noticing the trend here, kids? The readers have spoken. The world demands more posts and pictures on that indefatigable of all insects – the cricket. Sure I may not have written about so exotic a creature as the “half dragon half grasshopper light green insect”, but I have penned odes to the good old cicada. 

And if you’re wondering about the last one, then you will pleased to know that it is true – yours truly is the supreme source for this reformed version of the original kickass dialogue from Men in Black. 

If you will excuse me now, I am going back to scribbling sonnets about a one-legged grasshopper and a cicada who meet and fall in love before biting each other’s heads off.


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