The Return of the Jedi

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I’m back!

Contrary to your expectations, I have not spent the past month under a rock, in the Arctic Circle or anywhere in the Sahara. 

I spent two weeks in Delhi attending the wedding of my brother-in-law. The last wedding I attended on this scale was my own, which means the last fortnight has given me the chance to do many things after a long time:

  • Dress extravagantly in the best and brightest of bling
  • Wear all manner of gold jewellery
  • Dance to my heart’s content
  • Dress my 3-year-old daughter like a doll

Thus the time passed in wonderfully routine-less days, where we (the family) mostly imitated call-centre professionals by waking up at noon and toddling off to various functions where we danced until the wee hours of the morning. 

Before leaving for the wedding, I had planned to put up posts in advance and schedule them, but of course, as Sidney Sheldon kindly points out, The Best Laid Plans go awry.

I am quite pleased to point out, though, that despite such hectic days of enjoyment, I did manage to finish the following books:

  • The Time-Traveller’s Wife: Yes, I read it only just now, so shoot me. But I must say I loved it, despite the occasional throbbing about the temples when I read a chapter heading as ‘Henry is 12 and Henry is 36’ 
  • The Confession: John Grisham has raked in so much moolah [SPOLIER ALERT!] that I guess he doesn’t feel the need to end his books on a positive note any more. I raced through to the end. An inkling of what lay in store for me when I turned the penultimate pages had sprung up in my mind, but like the ever-optimistic reader I am, I waited for a booming ending like Runaway Jury but it never came. I still remain his fan, though. 
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Revision for the movie which I watched last Saturday. 

Posting will resume on a regular basis from next week, or this Saturday if I feel like it. Until then, as much as you crave my posts and words, you will have to content yourself with a second viewing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, or possibly a first viewing of the third part of the Chronicles of Narnia.


    1. What blasphemy! Are you suggesting that the rock, the Arctic or the Sahara would have been more interesting than dancing at a Punjabi wedding?? I am most offended!


      1. Oh my. No no! Punjabi weddings are certainly the best of the lot! Always lively, it never fails to impress! I was just commenting on that one sentence on its own, not in relation to the whole post! I apologize for not having made myself more clear! 🙂 All was meant in light vein only….


  1. Hi Gargi…was just wondering where you had disappeared to. This post answered all my questions.

    Are you going to put up pictures of you dancing at the wedding. We promise to only leave sweet comments (crosses her fingers behind her back).

    I am yet to read The Time – Traveller’s Wife, and The Confession. Good to see you blogging.


    1. Hey Rachna, will surely consider posting pictures of dancing at the wedding, but the reason I haven’t put them is I haven’t got them yet! Let me first ascertain whether they are blog-worthy or not first!

      Do try out The Time Traveller’s Wife. I had to read it because I had been hearing about it for so long and it turned out a great read!


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