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Welcome to Gargi’s World!In case you’re wondering, Gargi is an unusual name even in India, where I come from. Not many people know that it’s the name of a celebrated woman scholar from the Great Hindu epic, the Mahabharata.

And yes, after a glance through these pages, you’ll be wondering, like many others before you – ‘What, in God’s name, were her parents thinking?’

Well, I don’t know, but they were young and reckless, so let’s just forgive them for this faux pas.

What you’ll find on this site is a collection of my articles that have had the privilege of being published in various magazines or newspapers.
What’s New? circa 2008
The latest news in life is… the baby!

Yes, the stork has visited the Mehra household and blessed us with a cute little baby girl, thus ushering in a year of tears, tantrums, diapers and toothless smiles! Wish the entire household luck!!

What’s New? circa 2005  
The latest news in life is… the marriage!

Yes, ladies and all ye weepy gentlemen, Gargi Choudhury has transformed into Gargi Mehra. Under the discerning eye of the stern priest and three hundred relatives, self and spouse were joined in holy matrimony and doomed to a life of togetherness.

The diamonds shine bright on her left ring finger and she vows to be the best non-cooking wife her husband can get! Wish the guy luck!

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