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White Piping

Hola, folks! If you’re wondering why everything looks new around here, it’s because I decided my blog needed a change of scene, or should I say, a change of theme. Yep, that’s the best joke I can crack early on a Sunday morning before my cuppa. 

Also I thought what better way to declare a short story win? 

If you haven’t heard of the literary journal On The Premises, do head over there straight away! They hold nifty theme-based contests every few months. These are free to enter and offer excellent prize money. If your story becomes a finalist then they even offer a critique! 

Their last themed contest that ended in March centred on clothing, titled ‘It’s on you.’ 

I am more than thrilled to report that my story earned 2nd place in the contest! This story was particularly important to me, with all the conversations around #MeToo and #TimesUp entering the mainstream. 

This is one of the fastest acceptances I’ve ever received. I sneaked in my entry minutes before the deadline as I usually do, and a week later came to know I’d been shortlisted. Fast forward, another week and I received the fabulous news that I had placed second! 

I’d love it if you popped over to read the story and let me know what you think!

Please note: Opinions expressed in the story belong to the characters only!

Image Credit and Rights: Rare Vintage

My Writing

The Bargain

Earlier in August this year, I got an email from the good folks at Southern Star Publications, which published the winners of the contest held by Creative Writing Institute last year, in which I won third place.

They asked if I’d be interested to send in a story on the theme sentence for this year’s contest – “I got more than I bargained for.”

I sent in my story and am proud to be included in Creative Writing Institute’s third annual anthology – BARGAIN!

Written by CWI short story contest winners, finalists, judges, staff and invited best-selling authors, genres include general fiction, humor, fantasy, romance, dystopian, horror and sci-fi.

Bargain ebook cover 2015.jpg

Grab a bargain! Only $1.99! Available on Amazon. Do check it out and tell me what you think.

That’s all I have for this year. Hope to see you next year in a brand new 2016 with the year in review and lessons learnt (there were lots of those!).



My Writing

Successes to Share

The month of September has brought with it great tidings for me. I’m pleased to report a couple of successes:

This was my first story for the Short Story Challenge written way back in January when we started. I had put it on the backburner as I tend to do, and returned to it much later to make the changes suggested by those who critiqued it. For the most part I’m happy to leave my stories to percolate so that I may read it with renewed energy and a fresh eye. This turned out to be a good move for this story.

  • My story Reading the Leaves won 3rd place in the themed short-story contest held by the Creative Writing Institute. They don’t seem to have announced the winners online, but I got this news in the email last week!

The theme for the contest was to write a story of any genre between 1,000 and 2,000 words, but it must contain the given sentences in order without any changes:

I have a list and a map. What could possibly go wrong?

I had a draft of a story that fit the theme. Days before the deadline I rustled up the story proper and whipped it into shape for the contest.


These wins have given me the motivation I need to continue writing. Though the last few months have been hectic on the work front, I continue to plod away at my stories, even its only one page at a time, or revising a little as I go.

So what have you been writing lately?