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Over the last few years I’ve built up a set of links that help me with my writing in terms of advice as well as markets. Given below are a few of my go-to sites that sit prettily bookmarked in my browser:


Resources for Markets:


This is a veritable treasure trove of paying markets for your poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. Updated daily, we report on editors and publishers who are actively seeking submissions, pay standard or competitive rates, and do not charge reading fees.


Aerogramme Studio

This website was established in Melbourne, Australia and publishes news and resources for emerging and established writers. Check out one of their recent posts for competitions of June and July 2015.


New Pages

An online database of literary journals of all stripes and hues. A worthy alternate for Duotrope which now requires a paid subscription.


Writer’s Relief Calls for Submissions and Contests

The classifieds section features a slew of listings for all kinds of writing, including competitions with and without entry fees.


Authors Publish

This relatively new zine for writers lists markets in every issue, including for publishers and small presses.


Speed up your writing output with these great posts:

1000 words a day by Mridu Khullar Relph

Mridu outlines a few concrete steps to achieve the target, which can easily be done by most of us.


How Writing 1000 Words a Day Changed My Life

An interesting perspective on the habit of writing regularly


How the Hell Buffer Creates So Much Content So Quickly

Though not directly related to creative writing, this offers a valuable look at how the team of writers and editors get their work done in record time.



Hope you found these useful! Do you have any favourite writing resources you’d like to share?


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