Limericks, Lasagnes and Leanness – My 2010 in Review

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Many years ago I abandoned the practice of making New Year resolutions for the simple reason that I never followed them. I was either too lazy or overshot my goals or simply felt content to put stuff on the backburner for no rhyme or reason. 

But I do like taking stock at the end of the year to evaluate how well or how poorly I did. Without further ado, here’s the 2010 report card. 

Writing-related stuff that I did:

  1. An essay accepted for Chicken Soup for the Indian College Soul – my first such acceptance.
  2. An article published in Complete Wellbeing – my first in this magazine
  3. A limerick published in Errant Parent – my first parenting-related publication
  4. Garnered rejections L, R and C* for my second novel – sadly not a first as it has happened before with my first novel too.
  5. Read upwards of 25 books. This is an achievement because of the toddler who takes great pleasure in tearing pages from the novels I read, specifically from the end.
  6. Started blogging somewhat more regularly (excluding the last couple of months, of course) 

Other things I did in life:

  1. Lost enough weight to look reasonably slim at my brother-in-law’s wedding
  2. Prepared lasagne for the first time in my life to a reasonable degree of success
  3. Delved headlong into Italian cooking – blog post forthcoming on this and the above
  4. Changed my job (again). I work closer to my home now and rejoice in not having to drive 45 freaking minutes one-way every day. 

I am not making resolutions but there are a few things I would like to achieve this year. Let’s see how that goes! 

What I intend to do in 2011:

  1. Attempt all the recipes in my Italian Cooking cookbook
  2. Complete at least one of the novels swirling in my head
  3. Call up a piano teacher and resume the lessons that I dropped 15 years ago
  4. Break into five new markets – I say this every year and last year I managed three
  5. Write/complete at least one short story per month.
  6. Work out in gym minimum 3 days a week.


How did the year go for you? Any goals you would like to share?

*Left, right and centre – yes I felt too lazy to type it out just then


  1. I like these goals. I am not a list-person so have never made these sort of year end lists. But now I am most keen to do it, and to place it on my desk so that I can look at it everyday and *do* something! 🙂


    1. I’m not too fond of lists either, as I always fear I will fall short, but for some obscure reason I land up making the lists anyway!


  2. Hi Gargi….I think you achieved quite a bit in 2010 where writing was concerned. Congrats on all the articles that were accepted. Italian food is my favourite too, so I will probably try out a couple of your recipes. I don’t remember how many books I read, but this year I will try to read more.

    Wishing you a great 2011. 🙂


    1. Thanks, Rachna, At the rate I’m going, I’m likely to strike off the Italian cooking one off the list before any of the others!


    1. Yes well I’ve learned enough to know what the problem is with the book. Methinks will shelve it and start a new one 😦


  3. WOW, Gargi! You have done a lot. Congrats on having a story in Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul 🙂 Re-starting piano lessons is so difficult! I tried to do that with the guitar and definitely couldn’t keep up so I admire that a lot.

    I would love to exchange our first pages. Not sure if you already have other people looking at yours, but I do believe the more eyes, the better. If you’d like, you can send me an email and we can work something out?


    1. Hey thanks, Saumya!

      I know restarting piano lessons will be tough, but I do just want to try and see how good or bad I still am, Will give it shot this year!

      Have sent you a mail regarding the pages.


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