You Wrote How Much?

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I signed up for Patti Nielson’s blogfest last week.  Only later did I realize this was quite a crazy week to attempt this. 

As I found out about it only on Tuesday, I’m logging my time until Saturday. To paraphrase Will Smith in Men in Black, ‘This makes me look good!’

Tuesday, September 28:

15 min – Journal

30 min – Started a parenting essay. Edited a nonfiction article. 

Wednesday, September 29:

15 min – Journal

30 min – Completed the parenting essay, total 700 words. Edited nonfiction article some more. 

Thursday, September 30:

15 min – Journal

30 min – Started new food writing essay. Sent query for a humor piece to a women’s magazine.

Friday, October 1:

15 min – Journal

30 min – Completed food writing essay, total 1300 words.

30 min – Sent out nonfiction article. Sent query for a humor piece to another magazine.

Saturday, October 2:

15 min – Journal

30 min – Edited parenting essay. Sent old short story to new market.

30 min – Composed 1200-word essay targeted to a local magazine.

I’m now looking forward to everyone else’s entries too. How much writing did you get done this week?


  1. Hi Gargi… I think you did a decent amount of writing. Journal writing is a wonderful thing. Loved your previous post on horrroscopes….. oops I mean horoscopes. They are never right. But I still read them religiously. 🙂

    Your blog is taking a long time to connect. I even went to Madeleine’s blog fest to click on the linkie with your URL, but it still didn’t connect. Please check it and let me know why its taking so long to connect. Its happening a lot with few blogs on wordpress.

    Have a great writing week!


    1. Thanks, Rachna! LOL on the ‘horrorscopes’!

      The WordPress thing is really frustrating if its taking time. Let me log an issue in their forums and try to locate the problem. Sorry for the inconvenience!


  2. Wow, I’m impressed with your writing, Gargi! All this while holding a regular job is amazing. So many essays in such a short time! Good luck with them and all the writing you do.


    1. Wow, thank you, Hash! That means a lot to me. Honestly speaking, it’s only this year that my essay-writing output has skyrocketed, but that’s probably because I’m choosing topics I really want to write about.

      Thanks for the wishes! Wish you all the best for your writing as well!


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